Brief History

The old name of the Municipality of Bugallon was Salasa. It was founded on January 12, 1747.

Meaning of Municipal Seal

The seal bespeaks of the town’s vast agricultural land, luxuriant with various crops like rice, corn, vegetables and waters teeming with fish.

Carabao and Child. Symbolizes farming as the main industry of the people.

Mountain. Denotes that its southwestern side is bordered by the Zambales Mountain.

Color Green. It is the typical view that the municipality nestles a verdant agricultural land full of hopes and progress.


North – Lingayen

South – Aguilar

East    – San Carlos City

West –  Labrador

Distance (kms)

Lingayen – 8.1

Manila – 198.7

Number of barangay – 24


Dry – December to April

Wet – May to November

Average Rainfall (mm) – 285.78 mm

Average Monthly Temperature (Celsius) – 26.8°C

Status of Land Classification

Total Land Area (by has.)                 16,652

(by sq. km.)                                          189.64

Alienable and Disposable Land        7,532

Forest Lands                                        9,120

Major River                                          Agno River

Minor Rivers                                        Pantal River, Bei River, Cupang River and Dumuloc River

Soil Type                                               Quingao Silt Loam, Alaminos Loam and San Manuel Silt Loam